Tekst Walter van Teeffelen, World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 169 – Wilco Kwerreveld


At the Open Studio Day of Art & Complex I saw large-sized silhouettes of birds in Wilco Kwerreveld’s studio. They hung on the walls. There was a oystercatcher, a partridge-like, a bunting and a rook.

A few weeks later I am back in the studio and there are many surfboards on the ground, along and over each other. The silhouettes are still there. Wilco is working on sanding the outer layer of the surfboards. This has already happened with one board. It is then painted black as a blackboard and a feather is drawn on it with school chalk.


“I can make an installation, with the surfboards in blackboard chalk, in bird patterns, combined with the silhouettes along the wall. But maybe it will also be whales, I do not know yet.” He is still in the ‘searching phase’. “I never have an idea, always a suspicion. I’m going to start looking, then the process starts and at best I get something to deal with. I try to solve things. I never copy anything. I want to ask questions. Questions for myself and for those who watch. Then you can communicate. “


2023 - Chez Freddy, Haarlem

2021 - 'Birdman', Villa Zebra, Rotterdam

2020 - 'Verbeelding' Chez Freddy Haarlem

2019 - //INBOUND, met Petra Knötschke, Har.art.gallery

2019 - Hoogtij#57, 27 kunstlocaties in de binnenstad van Den Haag


2019 - 'Often Unanswered, But Always Guessing' Neck of the woods, Rotterdam

2018 - Art The Hague, Har.Art Gallery, Den Haag

2018 - Art Rotterdam Week at K&C, Rotterdam
2017 - Open Ateliers Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam
2017 - realization 'the Wishtree', for ORO Het Rijtven, Deurne

2016 - Arte Concordia, Rotterdam


2018 - if then is now, De wereld van de Rotterdamse Kunstenaar, Walter van Teeffelen